„Today, not only that my website is adorned with high quality professional photographs but it also possesses this unique charm and energy provided by Drago’s extraordinary ability to capture scenographic moments. I dare say that this ability makes him one of the greatest photographers I’ve ever met. It only takes one look at Drago’s photographs of characters from a play for you to get complete picture of their personalities as well as the plot even without seeing the play. All you need is just a glance at Drago’s unique photographs.“
(DARKO MARKOV - an actor, author and a poet)


„I was delighted by Drago’s creativity during our latest collaboration. I hired him to create a photo for the cover of my book Kišne kapi u piščevoj luli/Rain drops in the writer's pipe which brought me the prestigious Fra Grgo Martic Award (2011) in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In order to capture the very essence of my stories, Drago took photos after the close reading of my book thus creating a photograph that completely reflected my writing. It has been my great pleasure and honor to work and to become friends with Drago and his family throughout this collaboration.“
(LIDIJA PAVLOVIC-GRGIC - an author and a poet)


„One of the most read news on our portal HERCEGOVINA.info was photo reportage about refugees from Pakistan and Afghanistan who illegally migrated to Europe as well as the news about street demonstrations in Vienna. Through his reportage Drago revealed a story about unfortunate lives of people who crossed thousands of kilometers hidden away in trucks, on trains and ships in order to reach the West.“
(Editorial staff from HERCEGOVINA.info portal in Mostar)


„Drago Palavra is a photographer who is capable of accomplishing incredible things: in his photographs even a born melancholic like Rade Serbedzija looks dynamic. I have seen all sorts of photographs while working in journalism for more than 30 years but I have never seen such great photos of Serbedzija. Not to mention street riots which, believe it or not, look BEAUTIFUL. One could ask the question - How could that even be possible? I believe there’s a rather simple explanation: Drago Palavra is an aesthete par excellence. He’s a photographer of steady hand and quick reflexes but above all a man who is capable of imprinting some of his own elegance and distinction onto each photograph he takes even if it was taken during street demonstrations. This quality is reflected through the unique colorsand refinement of his photography that is a sight for the sore eyes and a cure for the soul even when dealing with heavy topics. Finally, I think that besides his refined taste Drago’s photography also reflects his good personality. It goes without saying that a man who can see beauty in all things is a man of good, gentle and noble personality. What a bliss in this bleak and difficult age!“
(IVAN IVACKOVIC, the author of the book “Kako smo propevali/How we started singing“)


„Nowadays, in a wide variety of camera lenses that are trying to capture us in places we want to be seen or not, with or without our approval, either to document our life or our purpose in it or for some higher, other goals, we have never been afraid to stand in front of Drago Palavra’s camera. We have done that with complete trust and great pleasure and we will continue to do so.“


„Drago Palavra’s photos of Belgrade Dixieland Orchestra concert in May 2014 represent without any doubt the best photos of the orchestra ever taken in 15 years of our artistic career. These photographs quite precisely evoke the atmosphere from a rather specialconcert in both technical and above all artistic sense. Photos taken by this artist are the Orchestra’s primary means of promotion in written and electronic media. By the middle of 2015 the Orchestra’s new CD cover will be adorned by one of Drago Palavra’s photos.“


„The successful collaboration between SC (Serbian Cultural) Forum and Drago Palavra has lasted for several years now. Knowledge, quality and reliability are the three entirely sufficient reasons that made us put our trust in this rocker with camera who can, even out of his photos, create compositions worth watching.“
(DRAGAN MISKOVIC, the president of SC FORUM)


„When we play and when we perform while moving and flowing unrestrained on the stage, Drago manages to capture all those most dynamic moments. And after, when we take a look at those same photos, we ask ourselves if those musicians were really us or some powerful American band.“
(MARIO KNEZOVIC, a singer and a frontman of ZOSTER band)


„Atmosphere, moment, emotion… these are the things you experience through the great concert photography of Drago Palavra. Thank you, Drago!“
(TAMARA OBROVAC, Istrian jazz musician and singer-songwriter)


„Not only that Drago Palavra’s photos are worth seeing but they are also worth listening – they speak a thousand words. Drago is a long-time collaborator of kroativ.at portal whose highly professional, sophisticated equipment and rich experience in photographing social events confirm his qualities.”
(ANTO SLUGANOVIC, chief editor of kroativ.at portal)