I was quite honored to have had the opportunity to do a nice, casual shooting with the members of Električni Orgazam band at their recent concert in Vienna; I just lined them up in front of the camera and the whole photo shoot lasted no more than two minutes – less than any of their songs!

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity of trying out one of the most glorified cameras in the world of photography and also most written about in photo magazines or on internet portals. It is a Canon 7D MkII model which certainly gives breathtaking results!

Nenad is one of those easygoing people open to any suggestion with no hurry, fuss or stress involved. Our pre-planned photo shoot fell through due to rain, so we dealt with it in a rather simple manner – we did the shooting at the tram station!

I simply adore small and intimate weddings and some sixty to eighty guests at the wedding make up a real treat for photographers alongside the wedding cake of course.; pleasant atmosphere, smart choice of the band and the venue and complete negation of all the usual customs peculiar to our weddings in Vienna..