Croatian rock band Let 3 have recently held a concert in the Viennese club Replugged which was organized and supported by “Zeko je rek'o“ agency. There’s nothing much to say about this band except for the fact that they delivered a huge amount of energy, sweat and rock n’ roll to the Viennese audience. A glimpse of the atmosphere from the concert is available at the gallery.

Just think of a photo shoot between a backstage and a toilet? It doesn’t sound nice bit it sure looks interesting! I didn’t want to bother these exhausted guys too much (this is just a mild, written requote of “Hey lad, you’ve got like a minute or two and then we’re off to the stage”), so the shooting was quite short but sweet. Prle, Mrle and the rest of the gang just lined up in front of the lens and Neweer softbox and we ended up with a couple of interesting photos.

Petar Punk, a punk band from Bjelovar, had recently performed as an opening band for Let 3 – the legendary band from Rijeka. These guys are even goofier than the guys from Let 3 and I’m quite sure that some popular bands will soon perform as an opening band for them! You can look them up on their Facebook page and also take your time to check out some photos from a three-minute photo shoot.

Judging from the messages I received after the newlyweds had taken a look at the photos of their civil wedding, I could deliberately confirm that I did a pretty exceptional job surpassing clients’ expectations! I took photos of the young newlyweds in three different locations and each location is marked by its own, specific atmosphere.