I’m professionally late for big concerts! Even though I’d been looking forward to legendary Glenn Hughes for weeks, I managed to miss the first two songs of the concert and caught up at the third one, where I ended up with such a good material that from now on I consider joining concerts from the third song only! I’m joking of course! Feel free to book me for shooting your gig any time – I’ll show up on time! :-)

When you are presented with the opportunity to photograph such people as Dr. Nele Karajlić, as I was last Saturday, the worst thing which could happen to you is that you see only half of the show because of another great performance taking place in Vienna on that same night - the concert of SOVE, a famous two-man hip-hop band (Mayer & Maca) from Mostar.

Zagreb Youth Theater's production of a play called "Seagull" was performed before Viennese audience on June 2 in famous Viennese Akzent theater. The actors that performed on stage included now already famous Goran Bogdan (Broj 55/No 55), Jadranka Đokić (Naša mala klinika/Our little clinic), Ksenija Marinković, Sreten Mokrović, Krešimir Mikić, Nataša Dorčić, Katarina Bistrović-Darvaš and Pjer Meničanin. A glimpse of the atmosphere from this hilarious performance is available in the Gallery.

Before the concert of the band Brkovi in Vienna, I had the opportunity to do a short but quite interesting backstage photo shooting. What made this photo shooting even more special was the presence of the famous guitar player Emir Hot. Some of the most interesting photos are available in the Gallery.