Once again, for the third year in a row, I’ve been given the honor of being a part of Wienwoche festival team as their official photographer. Under the slogan “Harmonija, well, ok…” this year’s festival took place in different locations in Vienna from 18 September - 03 October.

The Austrian rock group CULT BAND, whose members originally come from the Balkans, performed as the opening band for Zdravko Čolić on September 12 in Tips Arena in Linz. CULT BAND played their brand new song for which they also made a video at this performance. In case you’re in need of some mighty performance, you should definitely try and listen to these boys play at officialCultband.

Zdravko Čolić, the greatest pop star of the Balkans, made quite a spectacle in Linz. I enjoyed the great honor of being an official photographer of the concert organized by Fantasy Production International ( A glimpse of the atmosphere from the concert is available at the Gallery.

Refugee crisis shakes Europe, especially Balkan countries which have become inevitable stops on their route to Austria and Germany. Hundreds of refugees, mainly from Syria, have found some warmth and fairly peaceful sleep at the Westbanhof (West train station) in Vienna. It is only a temporary stop on their way to Germany where they expect to find better, decent lives.