Mustafa is a photographer and also a friend from Pakistan. I met him in 2011 at the Viennese Votive church where the refugees from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kashmir were spending 2 long, cold, winter months. Their “stay” at the Catholic Church signified a protest with the aim of obtaining a legal stay in Austria. After being persistent for more than three years, Mustafa, as well as the majority of his compatriots, have finally received a positive response from the Austrian government.

Mustafa has recently stayed with his family in Pakistan for 2 months after being away from home for 5 years. 2 days upon his return to Vienna, I met with Mustafa to hear the story about his journey and also, we did a nice portrait photo series. For this photo shoot I used 5D MkII and my new super-sharp portrait lens EF 100 2.8 L IS USM Macro as well as Walimex and Neweer equipment. I also used Walimex 145x200cm black and white background which can be found at Walimex online shop. For the lighting I used Neweer softbox 60x60cm and Walimex 109cm Umbrella Softbox as usual and two Yongnuo 560-IV flashes. This Walimex Umbrella Softbox is one of those things which once you use them, you can’t do without them!