Mustafa is a photographer and also a friend from Pakistan. I met him in 2011 at the Viennese Votive church where the refugees from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kashmir were spending 2 long, cold, winter months. Their “stay” at the Catholic Church signified a protest with the aim of obtaining a legal stay in Austria. After being persistent for more than three years, Mustafa, as well as the majority of his compatriots, have finally received a positive response from the Austrian government.

I simply adore doing the photo-shoots at places that are far from popular. The places like dirty tram stations, squalid passages between buildings, crumbling walls, are nothing like “hot spots” and they are excellent for shooting as there isn’t any audience passing by. I’ve recently did I photo shoot with Mario which was abundant in dark contrasts, sharp shadows and bad-boy looks.

I must say that the recent concert of Hari Mata Hari and Željko Samardžić has been one of the best concerts I’ve ever photographed even though they are pop stars. On that very night, the perfect lighting any photographer could only wish for, was dazzling across the concert hall Gasometer in Vienna.

I’ve recently tested my new lens Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 L IS USM Macro and the first impression is more than satisfying! The sharpness of this lens can be compared to the one of a razor. This is primarily a macro lens which can be also used for high class portrait photography and it is recommended by a majority of distinguished, well-known portrait photographers.