All copyrighted photographs by Drago Palavra are available for purchase in both printed and digital formats.

All photographs, regardless of time, place or content of captured moment, are taken using professional Canon DSLR camera bodies and lenses from Canon “L” (Luxury) and Sigma “Art” series so that they match highest standards in digital photography such as maximum sharpness, color quality and details on large-format prints.

Price and dimensions of a particular photo depend on its purpose:
You want to hang original concert photo of your favorite musician or rock band in your room or office?

You want to decorate your living space with a large-format landscape print?

You look for ideal, unique gift for a wedding or some other occasion?

You can choose from several types of format and printing paper materials.



PRINTS (Canon 200g Satin Photographic Paper)*
60x40 cm     - 50,00 EUR
90x60 cm     - 70,00 EUR
111x74 cm   - 90,00 EUR

MOUNTING (on Kapa-fix-5mm thick)

60x40 cm     - 70,00 EUR
90x60 cm     - 90,00 EUR
111x74 cm   - 130,00 EUR

60x40 cm      - 70,00 EUR
105x70 cm    - 110,00 EUR

*All other formats are available upon request.


Digital formats are intended for publishing in printed editions of newspapers, magazines as well as on a website for the purpose of reportage, photo news or photo story. In case you want to publish one or more photographs or a reportage dealing with specific topic in your own print or electronic media, please contact me via email.

Delivery of photos is possible all over the world.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..